Troubleshooting Cisco router problems

A router, one of the most important devices for connectivity purpose. It allows different computers to get connect with the network. It provides high internet speed and better internet connection. There are wide varieties of routers available in the market and all differ in terms of their features, designs, working efficiency etc. Cisco router stands separately from the router, it’s because of latest design and features. Cisco router has a huge demand in the market.  

Though it has high demand, some users find difficulty in using it. To increase the productivity of Cisco routers and to provide customer satisfaction Cisco has started a new service called Cisco Router Customer Support service. This service will provide the solution of all the problems that the users face during the use of Cisco router, it also has toll free number to provide the instant help to the users.  

A user facing any problem with Cisco router should click on the above-given link.  

This article will summarize some of the Error messages that a user encounter during the use of Cisco router.  


Error messages in Cisco router-  

  • Please select a valid config file- The only reason for this error message is the selection of invalid config file. The solution of this error message is very simple, just check the file path name and correct it if it is wrong. Make sure that file should be in the path location.  


  • DCloud end point router wizard- The reason for this problem might be the loose cable connections or the drivers for the console wire are not updated. To overcome this problem check all the cable connection, unplug them and insert them again after 2-3 minutes. Another solution to this problem is to make sure that the driver you have for console cable is fully updated.  


  • Could not establish a connection to port COM5- This error message has two reasons. First one is that connection settings are not correct and the other one is that router is accessed by the other application. The solution for this error message is very simple. Just close the application that is accessing the router and check the connection settings of the router.  


  • Errors have been encountered during configuration- This error message might have several reasons. The first step to solve this error problem is to restart the router to reset the configuration to last successful state. If this doesn’t work click on the above-given link.    


The first basic step to do when router creates a problem is to check the connectivity settings. Connectivity settings might be the reason for many problems that occur in a router.  


If the same problem occurs in a Buffalo AirStation router, a user must click on the given link-  

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