Some Difference between the Buffalo air station router and TP-Link routers.

Here some of of the difference between Buffalo air station and TP Link. 

1-The Buffalo 
AirStation Extreme AC1200 have 4 points if we are talking about the point and compare to this TP link N300 has 5 points. 

2-If we are talking about the likes then more likes on the TP-link compare to Buffalo Air station. 

3-The wireless standard and it means the faster speed and transfer speed in this step both are same Buffalo air station and TP-link. 

WIFI Speed: 

Talking about the WIFI Speed the Buffalo air station is more speed compare to TP-link. If we are major for this 800mbs and the top link has the 300mbs. 

Buffalo Router

USB port: 

The USB port of both you are able to connect more devices in both but Buffalo air station has one more port compare to TP-link. 

Band technology: 

The double band device can transfer data fast otherwise we can say that the data transfer is quickly on the newest in this condition the buffalo is more comfort compare to TP link Router

TP Link


IF talking about the thickness and difference between them only 53mm thinner to other this. 

WAN Port: 

The both have same for the Wan port because they have only one port means that the Wide Area Network. 

Warranty Period: 

If we are talking about the warranty period the buffalo have 3 and the TP Link has 2. 

MAC Address: 

This is for the security region and features both have the different unique address this provides the increases security. I think Buffalo is more secure compared to TP link because they have the same device if you interesting know more about this then you can visit us on the Buffalo Air station customer support number 

  Insurance Protection: 

The insurance protection of the buffalo air station is not provided any type of insurance production but if talking about the TP Link is not provide any type of the insurance protection. 

Static Routing: 

The Static router is the simple form of routing If you have just one, or the small number. The Tp link is more static then compare to Buffalo air station. 

Static IP Address: 

If talking about the IP address allows to IP address can be used to allow remote access. If you want more information about this then you can follow us Cisco router support number 

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